Dynamo reflector

I used a Busch + Müller Seculite Plus Dynamo Tail Light. The plastic backings tend to snap off easily and there’s a policy in my city that any cycle which has none has the entire unit thrown away and replaced, since B+M do not authorise repairs (some of the plastic cover might have snapped off, causing the new plastic to fall off again, I think is what they reckon).
Well, one of their mechanics and a dear friend of mine gave me this old unit as they picked up a stolen unit, and I promised to use it well.
Now, I’ve ordered a plastic reflector ($2 on AliExpress), lined the circuit with some blue tack and glue to stop it rattling around, and now it’s installed on this reflector.
You can see the weight figure and the cables out the back, hand drilled with a screwdriver/screw.
This gives it a reflector/light combo, as reflectors’ primary weakness is not being seen until a car headlight of jogger flashlight hits it.
So what if I gave it that reflector backup reliability, hooked on to a dynamo, in a position that doesn’t look fancy or like vandal-bait?
I get a tail light that’s reliable, cheap, uses almost no materials/lower footprint, stops something going into landfill, and is even pretty bright, with stand light capability.
Not bad!
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